Shiny Happy People

      Athens Rockers REM are absolutely delighted to hear they’ve been featured on Tiggy’s Word Of The Day.

8. REM

Vegetarian band enjoyed by the elderly.

In the early days REM played gigs in greasy pizza joints and were paid in discarded crusts and shredded cheese. The following week they landed an $8 billion recording contract and bought a helicopter.

Interesting fact: lead singer Michael Stripe is a certified Taxidermist (but steers clear of doing fish as he can’t quite get the eyes right).

It is State Law in Wisconsin to play Everybody Hurts at funerals.


2 Responses to “Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – REM”

This old lady saw REM play in Dublin, where they RAWKED and everyone but me hated them. This was somewhere between the pizza and helicopter.

I used to like REM but they got too big and succesful I guess. I’d see them play a pizza joint!

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