Shopping on the internet is fun! From the comfort of your own home, you can browse millions of stores and buy all sorts of stuff you don’t really need.

I’m featuring some of the toppermost of the shoppermost must-have items here at Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre! And there’ll be even more junk appearing at a brand spanking new website – coming soon!


CORPSES FOR SALE – They’re Not Real! I Think.

Margaret Thatcher never looked so good!

Corpses For Sale provides a one-stop-shop for all your necrotic needs. Browse through an extensive selection of realistic stiffs (not being familiar with real-life dead people I couldn’t vouch for their authenticity).

Customize your corpse’s degree of decay! Buy it a nice wig! Imagine the hours of pleasure your personal cadaver will bring.


* Take corpsey for a ride so you can use the car pool lane. If you get caught by the police just tell them you are taking your grandmother to a funeral – hers. It will raise a smile with the cops and they will let you off. Probably.

* As a hilarious yet harmless prank, bury it in your neigbour’s garden and call the cops. Don’t forget to film it for YouTube!

* Hide an eye or rotting finger in your kid’s school lunch box. Imagine how adorable they will look as they scream in terror and piss themselves in front of their friends in the dinner hall. Precious!



5 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Fake Corpses”

Good grief…I thought I had some pretty bizarre things on my site! This really tops it all!

omg – LOL. I’m speechless … and that’s rare!

But I do have something for you on my blog 🙂

Yuccccckkkk Tiggy!! They look real to me. The local cops are SO dumb theyd fall for that trick!

OMG, funny. I want a corpsy to play with. I’d put it in my bed for my husband to discover when he stumbles in at 2 AM. FUN!

Yeuucchh! I visited that website during my lunch hour… big mistake!! They look very realistic.

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