Some Taxidermists are better than others.

4. Taxidermist

Veterinarian for dead animals. Duties include pulling guts from gunned-down moose and posing dead cats in hilarious ‘human-like’ poses.

The vast majority of taxidermists are called Bob.

I’d love to walk into a taxidermist’s studio and say “Hi there Bob, how much to stuff my beaver?”

If anyone has a dead beaver they no longer need, please let me know.


10 Responses to “Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Taxidermist”

You are a very funny person. And that’s no snaeshite. I wouldn’t snaeshite you, ever.

Thanks for adding me as a friend in BlogCatalog. I can see that I will now be forced to laugh out loud on a regular basis.

At your humble service Omy.

Tiggy, what the FUCK is that thing in the pic? Man, that is some bad taxidermy!!

It’s not Bob’s best work, is it.

Horrible! Horrible! What’s that two black round things above the nose!?!?

Melisa, I belive they are eyes. Bob was obviously going for a ‘cute big-eyed baby fox’ theme.
The more I look at it, the more I want it.

Oh my God!!! That picture made me spill my morning coffee all over my keyboard!
I suspect may have a dead beaver at the bottom of my garden, you have first refusal.

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