Dr. House He So Dreamy

Dr. House rushes to another cardiac emergency

2. Defibrillator

A machine you use to resuscitate a heart attack victim while you pretend to be Dr. House. Don’t forget to shout “Clear!” and make biting yet witty remarks as you zap away. What fun.

Unfortunately it is not a good word to have to use in an emergency.
“Help, this man’s dying over here! Get me the defip… defrim… defuck… Oh, wait. Nevermind.”


3 Responses to “Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Defibrillator”

Hi Tiggy, I like the word of the day idea you are using. Can I borrow this idea and use in on my blog? Of course I’ll use words related to plants. Like your humour. Drop by when you find the time. I can relate.

No problem, I’m sure your words will be a lot more intelligent than mine…!

This episode of House is one of my favorites. The expressions on his face when he’s . . . examining Carmen Electra. Priceless!

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